Beginning Line Dancers

If you are a novice dancer, or you feel anxious when you do not know what is going on (we all feet that way) and that makes you quit, go to the Novice Dancers page for sessions that go super slow and are designed to deal with people's anxiousness.

Everyone is welcome in every level of session. No one minds if you do not know the steps. The only problem is if you mind. If you do, you can take an easier session or practice using the Line Dance Videos.

There are four levels of dance sessions. Here is what to expect in each level.

  1. Novice - This is for novice dancers. You are not expected to have any dance skills whatsoever. Goes super slow and is super easy. You learn basic dance skills, such as how to walk in time to music and how to do a grapevine step. May only cover one part of one beginning dance per session. Repeats the same dances week after week, slowly adding new parts. Goes at the pace of the slower learners. This session is designed for those people that are anxious about learning to dance to get them comfortable. If this is too slow for you, go to the Beginner session.
  2. Beginner - This is for beginning line dancers. You are expected to be able to know how to dance somewhat or at least not quit if you do not know how. If you cannot walk in time to music and you cannot do a grapevine and that makes you anxious, go to the Novice session. Beginning line dances are taught at each session. Each week, the dances that were taught in prior weeks are reviewed. Teaching covers going over the steps for each part of a dance and practicing each part a number of times both with and without the music. Review consists of walking through the steps only.
  3. Intermediate - Teaching and review is at a faster pace than the beginning session. Intermediate and advanced dances may be taught. Dances that we have done for a while are played without review. You are expected to be able to follow dances you do not know.
  4. Advanced - mostly just dancing, occasional reviews, occasional teaching, both done quickly.
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